Karela Spice Tea (Bitter Melon Tea) - 25 Pack

Karela Spice Tea (Bitter Melon Tea) - 25 Pack

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Karela Spice Tea is a great herbal tea product designed to improve your health. It has the best herbs such as green tea, ginger, bitter melon, and lemongrass to complement your health. Each ingredient is rich with organic health benefits such as regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, burn fat cells, detoxify and improve blood circulation. The combined benefits of these 4 ingredients are extravagant. 


1 tea bag per 200ml cup, brew 2 minutes in water at 100 degrees Celsius, 1 tea spoon of sugar or more, for best flavour please dont brew for longer than 3 minutes. 


A hint of Milk if desired.


Herbal Fusion


Medium Strong


A blend of high grown green tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) with ginger, bitter melon and lemon grass.


Ideal for an afternoon or a day-time break.


as a cleansing and detoxifying Tea 

english breakfast

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