Why Experts Say Diet Sodas Are Not A Beneficial Part Of A Weight Loss Program

Cutting calories is an expected part of your weight loss journey, and when you look at the possible ways to reduce caloric intake, choosing diet soda seems like a correct choice, right?


Or is it?


For years, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the health hazards of regular sugary sodas: tooth decay, diabetes, and of course, weight gain. But believe it or not,  new scientific studies on the effects of diet soda are bringing to light the exact same health hazards – including weight gain!


While scientists are not sure as to exactly why the body reacts to diet sodas as if they were sugar-filled, they do have a few theories. First, there’s nothing nutritionally redeeming or natural in diet soda. It’s a combination of laboratory chemicals combined with water and carbonation. And if the body doesn’t recognize what’s being ingested or doesn’t have the ability to totally break it down to excrete it, it will store it away in fat cells. The more you ingest a substance that it can’t break down, the more you will gain weight as your body tries to find storage for the chemicals it doesn’t know what to do with.


Other scientific findings point to the disruptions between the taste buds and the brain when it comes to diet soda. When diet sodas are ingested, they seem to signal overeating. It works this way: your tongue receive intense messages of sweetness when you drink diet soda. It tells your brain that it has a pretty big incoming load of calories. So your brain prepares the rest of your body to process the anticipated caloric intake, including releasing insulin, which makes your cells ready to take in energy from the digested food Only with diet soda, you don’t deliver on those calories, leaving your body with an elevated insulin level (bad for your body) and your brain thinking there something missing somewhere. So it will urge you to overeat later in the day to make up for that jacked-up level of insulin you ordered earlier.


In addition, those same scientific studies point to diet sodas as contributing to overeating in an additional way: a dulling of the taste buds that detect sweetness, leading to you to hunt down sweeter and sweeter things to eat and drink as you try and satisfy your sweet tooth.


No matter how you look at it, diets sodas don’t have a place in your weight loss journey.